Tummy Tuck

Drain Free Tummy Tuck With TissuGlu®

Posted November 7, 2017

Tummy tuck surgery is among the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries and provides stunning results. The benefits achieved through a tummy tuck are what patients dream of having—smooth, sculpted, and firm midsections with long-lasting results. Unfortunately, while the results are ideal, the recovery period is not as glamorous. Drains are placed under the skin to […]

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Build a Better Body Shape With Male Body Contouring

Posted April 13, 2016

When men want to build up their bodies, they usually go to the gym. At the gym, they lift progressively heavier weights in hopes of one day looking like a bodybuilder with four percent body fat. However, bodybuilding does not always work as desired and may not be the best method for reshaping the male […]

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Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips

Posted March 9, 2016

Having a flat, tight tummy is definitely something to look forward to after a tummy tuck. However, you may feel a little nervous about the surgical recovery period. By following these tips, you can achieve a successful tummy tuck recovery experience and help make the results even better. What to Do Before Surgery A good […]

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Is a Mommy Makeover Worth It?

Posted January 12, 2016

While some women may be able t lose all their baby weight a fter having children, many women end up with a body that is drastically different from their pre-baby condition. Your hips may be wider, your previously perky and full breasts may be deflated and saggy, and your formerly tight tummy may be weak […]

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Three Unexpected Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

Posted September 29, 2015

Despite our best efforts, diet and exercise may fail to help us achieve the body contours we desire. The lower abdomen is a common site for stubborn fat that won’t melt away, even for those who follow a strict diet and exercise regimen. If you’re interested in a well-toned midsection, Dr. Robert Spies performs tummy […]

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Healthy Foods for a Healthy Weight

Posted April 18, 2014

Excess body weight is a problem for many Americans. Extra weight in the form of body fat puts people at risk for a variety of diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is imperative to overall health, which is important when undergoing a plastic surgery procedure, such as […]

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Standard vs. Extended Tummy Tuck…Which Is Better?

Posted January 23, 2014

A great looking body is not complete without a stomach that appears flat and toned. Through strict dieting and exercise regimens, some people are able to achieve a midsection that they can feel good about. Unfortunately, others are forced to experience the daily frustration of living with excess fat and sagging skin on the abdominal […]

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The “Plastic” in Plastic Surgery

Posted December 12, 2013

It is a common misconception that the word “plastic” in “plastic surgery” means synthetic or fake. Some people believe it is used because plastic surgeons place breast implants which they think are plastic (they are actually made of silicone gel and rubber).  According to an article published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons titled, […]

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How to Prepare for Surgery

Posted December 9, 2013

Four Easy Steps to Prepare for Cosmetic Surgery and Recovery Cosmetic surgery provides excellent and natural appearing results when performed by an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon.  Each procedure performed, however, does require a specific period of time for recovery.  There are some important factors to discuss that can slow the recovery process after cosmetic surgery. […]

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Abdominoplasty or Liposuction?

Posted August 20, 2013

Weight fluctuations can be frustrating and hard on the body. Although having tried natural means of weight loss, such as diet and exercise, you may find that there are stubborn trouble areas. For many patients, this is when they choose to visit my office to learn more about body contouring procedures. The most commonly discussed […]

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