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A smooth and even complexion plays a primary role in creating a flawless and youthful appearance.

Various factors, such as aging, the environment, and hormones, can negatively impact your facial appearance, and despite maintaining a dedicated at-home skincare routine, many patients cannot address concerns that lie within or even on the skin’s surface. Many of these problems are created on a cellular level and require specialized laser treatments that target and correct them.

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What Are the Benefits of Laser Treatments?

No Incisions

Unlike surgery, laser treatments don’t require incisions to enhance your appearance. Without the need for incisions, you run little risk of developing any visible scarring following your laser procedure.

Minimal Recovery

While your skin may feel tender and red following your laser treatment, you won’t require the lengthy recovery typically needed following surgery. Most patients can resume their regular activities after several days.

Customized Treatments

A trained practitioner controls the penetrating depth of your laser treatment. Specific areas can also be targeted during treatment, depending on your needs. Combining these factors allows us to provide you with a service that is tailored to you.

Achieved With Laser Treatments

Increased Collagen

Increased Collagen

Wrinkles and fine lines are caused by a loss of collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis. Laser resurfacing works by stimulating the production of new collagen within the skin. This process fills in fine lines and wrinkles over time, resulting in a smoother appearance. Laser treatments can target wrinkles around the eyes, nose, and mouth, as well as those on the forehead and hands.

Minimized Scars

Minimized Scars

Scars result from an overproduction of collagen, which causes a raised or discolored mark on the skin’s surface. In cases of scarring, the heat produced by the laser breaks down the buildup of excess collagen cells. This effectively reduces the size and appearance of most scars and can be used on various areas of the body.

Even Tone

Even Tone

Hyperpigmentation classifies several discoloration issues of the complexion. Redness caused by excess blood vessels or brown spots that result from sun exposure can be treated with laser resurfacing. The controlled nature of laser treatment allows us to target specific locations of hyperpigmentation for a more even tone.

Laser Treatment Procedure


Before your laser treatment, a consultation is needed to determine your specific treatment plan and assess the necessary revision level. You can discuss your goals and concerns before your laser provider evaluates your skin to determine the best course of action.


Your laser treatment provider will prepare your skin by applying a light layer of a topical anesthetic. This ensures optimum comfort during your laser session. Next, your technician will pass the laser across the treatment area, sometimes more than once, depending on the level of necessary revision.


Recovery Icon Recovery

You will experience some initial redness and tightness following your treatment. Your skin may also feel dry for several days and will slowly begin to peel. This process can take seven to 10 days. After two weeks, you can apply makeup to cover any residual redness. Most people see a noticeable improvement in their complexion after this time.

Scars Icon Scars

This is a non-surgical treatment that does not require incisions. Because of this, no scars should develop from this treatment.

Pain Icon Pain

The topical anesthetic applied before treatment dramatically reduces discomfort during your laser session. You may experience pulses of heat from the laser, but this is very manageable.

Cost Icon Cost

The cost of laser treatments will vary from patient to patient, depending on the extent of correction needed and the number of necessary sessions. You will be given a cost estimate at your consultation. Additionally, financing options are available.

Laser Treatment FAQs

How long does a laser treatment take?

Laser treatment takes about one hour, including prepping the skin for the procedure with the topical anesthetic. However, the exact length of your session may vary depending on the type of correction needed.

How do I care for my skin after my laser treatment?

A specific moisturizer will be recommended during your consultation. Keeping the skin hydrated is an essential step in the recovery process. Additionally, you will be advised to protect your skin from sun exposure following your treatment, so be sure to use a strong SPF daily.

How often can I undergo laser treatments?

You should give your skin time to heal completely between laser sessions. A standard routine may involve treatments every four to six weeks.

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