Breast Reduction

Large or heavy breasts may be the result of genetics, weight gain, or the aging process. Many women are dissatisfied with the appearance of their large breasts, especially if they appear disproportionate to the rest of their body. They may also experience skin irritation, back pain, and shoulder pain from the excess weight of cumbersome breasts. Breast reduction surgery will reduce the weight and size of the breasts to alleviate these concerns and can significantly boost a woman's self-esteem.

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The Benefits of

Breast Reduction

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Reduced shoulder and back pain

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Clothing fits better

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Exercise is easier

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Increased confidence

Achieved With

Breast Reduction

Have Large, Cumbersome Breasts

Candidates for breast reduction surgery can relate to some or all of the following:

  • Stretched skin
  • Shoulder indentations from bra straps
  • Back and shoulder pain
  • Skin irritation beneath the breast crease
  • Low-hanging breasts
  • Nipples that point downward and rest below the breast crease
  • Enlarged areolas

Have Realistic Expectations

After the initial consultation, ideal candidates are aware of:

  • The results that can be accomplished for their unique goals and anatomy
  • The importance of following postoperative instructions for the best results
  • The risks associated with breast reduction surgery and anesthesia

Are in Good Health

The best candidates for breast reduction can relate to the following:

  • Do not have any serious diseases or health issues
  • Have stopped taking blood-thinning medications at least three weeks prior to surgery
  • Do not smoke or have stopped smoking at least three weeks prior to surgery


What is the surgery process for breast reduction?

What is the average recovery time for breast reduction surgery?

Will there be pain following breast reduction surgery?

Will I have any scarring?

What is the cost of breast reduction surgery?

What complications can occur during my recovery?

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