Drain Free Tummy Tuck With TissuGlu®

Posted November 7, 2017 in TissuGlu®, Tummy Tuck Category

TissuGlu® LogoTummy tuck surgery is among the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries and provides stunning results. The benefits achieved through a tummy tuck are what patients dream of having—smooth, sculpted, and firm midsections with long-lasting results. Unfortunately, while the results are ideal, the recovery period is not as glamorous. Drains are placed under the skin to remove excess fluid and aid the healing process, and they remain inserted for one to three weeks after surgery. These drains can be unsightly and irritating; however, they may soon be a thing of the past. TissuGlu® Surgical Adhesive now offers a proven alternative to these uncomfortable drains, and it is the only FDA-approved surgical adhesive for drain-free tummy tucks.

The Downsides of Drains

To the dismay of most, drains have always been placed after tummy tuck surgery because fluid accumulation is one of the most common problems experienced during recovery. Although it is necessary to monitor and collect excess fluid, drains bring with them a list of potential complications, including that they:

  • are painful
  • are difficult to hide under clothing
  • require constant maintenance
  • put you at risk for infection
  • may cause additional scarring

What Is TissuGlu®?

TissuGlu® is a safe, synthetic surgical adhesive that forms a bond between the layers of tissue to aid the healing process without the need for drains. Because it reduces the areas where excess fluid can collect, the fluid is instead naturally absorbed by your body, thus allowing for a quicker and less painful recovery. Unlike drains, TissuGlu® is non-invasive, and the adhesive will safely eliminate itself from your body over time.

A New Kind of Recovery

With TissuGlu®, gone are the days of having to wait over a week to shower, drive, and wear what you want. TissuGlu® allows you to take control of your recovery. Without the presence of painful drains, you can:

  • return to your daily routine sooner
  • forget the annoyance of having to empty the drains multiple times a day
  • bypass the risk of drain-related infection
  • avoid additional scarring

After your surgery with TissuGlu®, you may feel healed and like your usual self immediately; however, it is essential that you follow all of your doctor’s post-surgical recommendations for your best results!

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