How to Lift Saggy Breasts

Posted July 24, 2017in Breast Lift

Saggy, shapeless breasts are the enemy of alluring, feminine beauty. If your breasts have begun to sag, there are several things you can do to maintain a youthful appearance. These steps include breast lift exercises, wearing the right bra, and considering breast lift surgery if your breast sagging is more severe.

Do Breast Lift Exercises

Breast Lift Before and After PhotosBreast sagging occurs when the connective tissues of the breasts become weak and lax. Strengthening and toning this area of the body can firm and lift sagging breasts. Some examples of good breast lifting exercises include:

  • Chest Presses: While lying on your back, hold a dumbbell in each hand and bend your elbows until your hands are at the level of your chest. Slowly straighten your arms so that your hands with the dumbbells in them are in the air directly above you, then retract your arms to their starting position, with your hands nearly touching your chest. That is one rep. Repeat eight to 15 times for one set, and do multiple sets if desired.
  • Push Ups: Face the ground and put your hands on the ground, slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Straighten your arms. Extend your legs behind you, keeping them straight, and set your feet shoulder-width apart or closer (even touching). Imagine your body is a straight line extending from your head to your heels. Maintain this line while bending your elbows to a 90-degree angle or smaller, keeping them tucked close to the body. After a slight pause at the bottom, push your arms back up to your starting position. That is one rep. Do eight to 15 reps for one set, then repeat as desired.
  • Suspension Bands: Perform strength training exercises such as bicep curls, presses, chest/arm flys, etc. using suspension bands instead of free weights.

Each of these exercises works the pectoral muscles, which will strengthen their support of the breast tissue. With stronger pectoral muscles, the breasts tend to be more naturally lifted.

Wear the Right Bra

Wearing the right bra begins with knowing which bra is right for you. Get professionally sized for both your sports bras and your everyday bras, as you want the best fit for each of your preferred activities. It’s a good idea to be sized once every year or so (more often if you experience weight fluctuations or pregnancy), as your breasts will change over time. Remember that a quality bra may be expensive, but the better support your breasts have, the better off they will be. Be sure to have several bras that you cycle through and never wear them multiple days in a row, as this can overextend the elastic. Replace your bras every six months to one year, especially if you only have a few.

Consider Getting a Breast Lift

The above resolutions can help reduce breast sagging, but their impact will be relatively minor. For a more dramatic improvement, consider getting a breast lift. A breast lift is a surgical procedure that can significantly improve the position, shape, and youthful perkiness of the breasts. If your breasts are noticeably sagging and the above measures are insufficient, this surgery can help. A breast lift repositions the breast tissues higher on the chest, removes excess skin, and reshapes the breasts so that they are firm, round, and lifted. This surgery can restore a lifted, youthful breast appearance that is flattering and feminine. Many women even get breast implants with their breast lift to further enhance breast fullness, firmness, shape, size, and position.

Lifting saggy breasts can rejuvenate your appearance and boost your self-confidence. To learn more about breast lift surgery, request your consultation with Dr. Robert Spies, board-certified plastic surgeon. Call (480) 359-1019 or complete our online contact form to schedule your appointment today.

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