How to Improve Hair Growth With Platelet-Rich Plasma

Posted August 26, 2019 in PRP

Thinning of the hair and male pattern baldness are known as common conditions among many men of all age groups. While not often talked about, women can also experience hair loss the older they become.

Many patients who struggle with thinning hair follicles turn to cosmetic surgery for help to restore a full head of hair. Hair restoration with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a safe, nonsurgical treatment that may prevent further hair loss using your own blood cells to produce a thick and healthy head of hair that will make you look and feel confident.

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What Is Platelet-Rich Plasma?

Most PRP injections use the plasma part of the patient’s blood that is known to contain growth factors to help increase cell generation in the scalp to improve hair growth. This treatment is usually performed in the office and can take between one and two hours to complete.

During your treatment, a topical anesthetic is used to numb the scalp while your surgeon collects a sample of blood from your arm. The blood is then purified using the PRP machine to separate platelets, plasma, and red blood cells. Once the blood is cleaned, it is placed into a syringe and injected into the treated area. PRP can stimulate hair growth while also reducing hair follicle shrinkage to give you the hair you have always wanted.

Is PRP Treatment Right for Me?

Hair loss is known to occur in many patients due to certain factors like genetics, stress, hormonal imbalances, certain medications, and the natural aging process.

Men and women struggling with thinning hair can benefit from our PRP treatment. Patients should also be in good health and have realistic expectations regarding their treatment.

Those who are experiencing bald patches or are completely bald will not be able to undergo this procedure since PRP makes use of existing hair on the patient’s head.

What Can I Expect After My PRP Treatment?

Because PRP is nonsurgical, there is little to no downtime required following your treatment, and you will be able to return to your normal activities immediately after. You may experience some slight discomfort, bruising, and redness on your scalp, but this should resolve after a few hours.

You can expect hair growth in a relatively short amount of time. Your results will become visible around three or more weeks after your surgery with final results becoming apparent approximately two months after your PRP treatment. Be sure to follow-up with your surgeon for touch-up treatments to maintain your results.

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