How Can I Minimize Facial Scarring After Plastic Surgery?

Posted December 30, 2019 in Facial Scarring

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Scarring will develop after facial plastic surgery that will fade with time.

Scarring will develop after facial plastic surgery that will fade with time.

Scarring is a natural response to injury or trauma. So it should make sense that scarring would develop following plastic surgery, as they are invasive procedures that cut through skin and muscle in order to manipulate the tissues.

Most plastic surgery scars—such as those experienced after tummy tuck surgery or breast augmentation—are easy to conceal beneath undergarments or bathing suits.

Unfortunately, the same cannot necessarily be said for facial procedures.

Since most individuals do not walk around beneath hats, glasses, and scarves every day, the concept of facial scarring can be unsettling and maybe even a deterrent for facial surgery.

How Noticeable Will My Facial Scars Be?

Scarring fades with time; however, that knowledge does not help when you are forced to stare at your bright pink, raised scars for days on end.

The good news is that plastic surgeons like Dr. Spies understand that facial scars are challenging to hide with external items. This understanding is why facial incisions are placed in indiscreet places, such as the hairlines, natural facial creases, or inside the nostrils.

Where Will My Facial Scars Be?

Before and after image showing the results of a facelift surgery performed in Scottsdale, AZ.

  • Facelift surgery incisions start in the hairline at the temples and continue down and around the ear.
  • Eyelid surgery incisions are made in the natural crease of the upper eyelid and just beneath the lower lash line.
  • Brow lift surgery is performed endoscopically, meaning that there will only be a few small incisions made behind the hairline.
  • Rhinoplasty incisions depend on whether the procedure is using closed or open techniques. Incisions for the closed technique are made within the nostrils for complete invisibility. The open technique involves an incision across the columella—the strip of skin and cartilage between the nostrils.

Scarring will develop at all incision sites.

How Do You Fix Facial Scars?

While natural creases or the hairline hides facial scars, they are still technically visible.

Even though there is no way to prevent or remove facial scars entirely, there are ways to minimize those scars.

  1. Keep your incisions out of the sun. The UV rays found in sun exposure cause the pigment of the scar to darken. Therefore, excessive sun exposure will make the scars more noticeable, and neither patience nor time will improve that coloring. It is best to avoid the sun and cover your incisions while they are healing.
  2. Reduce tension on the healing incisions. Fortunately, facial incisions are not met with as much stress or tension as abdominal or breast incisions are. That being said, avoiding any excess pressure on the incisions will allow them to heal faster. This, in turn, will result in less noticeable scars.
  3. Apply silicone strips and gel to lighten scars. Silicone strips are rubber-like band-aids that must be worn 12 hours a day for at least three months. Silicone gel is a topical application that will gradually lessen the coloring of the scars.
  4. Massage the incisions. Once the incisions have closed, applying pressure to the area with proper massage techniques can break up scar tissue and reduce the visibility of the scars.

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