Breast Reduction for Athletes

Posted January 30, 2017in Breast Reduction

Many female athletes face daily challenges caused by having large breasts. Large breasts can interfere with maneuverability, limit speed, and even cause pain during sports activities and exercise. Breast reduction surgery can help struggling female athletes achieve a smaller bust and improve the quality of their active lifestyle.

How Large Breasts Can Negatively Affect Athletes

Large breasts have been linked to back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, permanent shoulder grooves, skin rashes and chafing, skeletal disorders, and emotional issues such as low self-esteem and anxiety. These issues are particularly poignant among female athletes, as demonstrated by countless anecdotes and studies. In one study of breast pain in female runners at the 2012 London Marathon, survey results revealed that an astonishing 32 percent experienced breast pain. This pain was significantly related to cup size and was also greater during vigorous physical activity. Furthermore, 17 percent of the runners who experienced breast pain said that it affected their exercise behavior. For athletes with large breasts, runners often experience pain, golfers have to adapt their swing, UFC fighters deal with wardrobe malfunctions mid-fight, and gymnasts even under-eat and over-train to postpone breast development. The downsides of having large breasts can be manifold for female athletes who depend so much on the strength, comfort, and maneuverability of their bodies.

Put a Stop to Painful Exercising

When it comes to proper form while exercising, any good athlete knows that if what you are doing is painful, you are probably doing it wrong. However, cumbersome breasts can cause pain even when you are doing everything exactly right, simply because their mass causes them to bounce or chafe uncomfortably during exercise. As with the runners at the 2012 London Marathon, female athletes may experience pain on a regular basis as a direct result of their oversized breasts. Breast reduction can greatly reduce painful exercising by reducing the weight of the breasts.

Improve Maneuverability and Speed

Large breasts have also been known to limit maneuverability and speed, sometimes costing female athletes success in their chosen physical activity. An article published by ESPN recounted how the biggest opponent for many female athletes is their own breasts. As reported in the article, MMA fighter Ronda Rousey stated, “The bigger my chest is, the more it gets in the way.” While weight loss can sometimes help reduce breast size, breasts that are naturally large can only be adequately downsized with surgery. Some women may greatly benefit from undergoing breast reduction surgery so that their breasts don’t “get in the way” so much while exercising. Famous female athletes such as Romanian tennis player Simona Halep have undergone breast reduction surgery and have subsequently been able to climb the ladder in their respective athletic rankings.

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